As the month of July is approaching the condition of the pigeons on the Loobuyck lofts is traditionally peaking. This year this resulted in another provincial victory out of Tulle. Against 2010 other yearling pigeons it was Zulu who brought the victory home. The pigeons were only liberated after 6 days of being in the basket. Zulu was also the fastest competing pigeon of the whole East-Flanders against 4523 pigeons. He is a descendant of the Jarnac who won the 1st national prize out of Jarnac against 10251 pigeons in 2017. Coupled with a hen from de ‘Keikop’ dynasty. Zulu took the 7th national place against 6842 pigeons. Also the old birds managed to fly excellent results. Following results were obtained on national level with both old and yearling pigeons. Nationaal 9.763 oude: 32-208-228-798 (4/6) Nationaal 6.842 jaarse: 7-66-176-446-1218 (5/5). It is clear that the condition is there and the pigeons are looking forward to the next weeks to show some more excellent results.

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