Two weeks after the provincial victory out of Brive, this weekend another provincial victor was added to the list of Loobuyck Jos & Jan. This time out of Limoges against 1807 other birds.  The 539-16, who also won the 4th national against 7629 pigeons, is a grandson of the famous breeder ‘Keikop’. The mother of 539-16 is also the mother of another superb racer, the ‘Jens’ Favoriet’ who won the first price out of Barcelona. These 2 Loobuyck-strains combined gave a super result on this national Limoges!

The other 7 birds basketted on this flight also performed well: 1-42-82-260-326-360 of 1807 pigeons (6/8).  The yearbirds also performed good with: 69-79-115-118-339 against 2138 pigeons (5/7). Hopefully the pigeons will keep their excellent shape for some more weeks!

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