Gunther Smet from Lokeren managed to win the ace pigeon long distance old birds with 2 prizes. This pigeon is a 100% Loobuyck pigeon. As a tribute to Jos Loobuyck , Gunther named the pigeon ‘de Jos’. De Jos won the 1st national prize out of Bergerac against 3838 pigeon and the 1st zone national out of Libourne against 1056 pigeons. De Jos is a descendant of our national winner out of Jarnac coupled with our Bordeaux-line. Gunther has also excellent results with other 100% Loobuyck pigeons (see the pedigrees here below). The hen ‘Kathja’ managed to win first prizes out of Tulle and Montoire among other very good performances. Another hen ‘Spireeltje’ also managed to win first prize out of Tulle and more top 10 prizes. Great racing results from Gunther Smet! Congratulations!

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