1. General

This policy applies to the collection, the management and the usage of your data by Pigeons Loobuyck. This policy applies to all visitors of the Pigeons Loobuyck-website. In this policy you can read, among other things, how we handle your data, how and what data we (might) collect and for what purposes we (can) use your data. In addition, this document contains information about how you can view your data and how you can change or delete your data.

2. What data do we collect?

By personal data we mean the data that relate to you as an identifiable natural person. The personal data that Pigeons Loobuyckcollects primarily concern the data that you enter yourself via the various pages of our website and which we obtain through your use of our website. More information about the collection of data via our website can be found in our cookie policy.

3. Why and how do we collect this data?

In the first place, we use your personal data for the execution and handling of your contact (s) and agreements with Pigeons Loobuyck. In addition, we may use your personal data to inform you about our (new) pigeons and services. Furthermore, we may use your personal data to monitor, evaluate and continue to improve our products and services. Finally, we can also use your data for statistical purposes. We do not always process all data for the same purposes.

You always have the free choice to enter your details or not. We will always inform you clearly in advance and for what purpose you provide your details. We keep your details accurate and no longer than necessary for the stated purpose, taking into account our need to answer questions and solve problems, improve services and offer new services, and to comply with legal requirements. This means that we can keep your personal data for a reasonable period after your last interaction with Pigeons Loobuyck. When the personal information we collect is no longer required, we will destroy or delete it in a secure manner. If you receive e-mails because you have registered for this, as with digital newsletters, you will continue to receive them until you opt out.

We maintain at all times a security level in the processing of personal data which is sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to, adaptation, disclosure or loss of personal data. Think of both technical and organizational measures (such as encryption of data, access control to our locations, and limited group of employees who have access to the data, etc.).

4. What are your rights?

You also have a number of rights regarding this data. This gives you a free right to inspect, correct and delete your data. You can also ask us to provide your data digitally. To exercise these rights, you must address a clear written request (email) that states what you wish to know, correct, delete or receive to Pigeons Loobuyckvia the general contact information. If you do not wish to receive newsletters or information about our products and services, you can unsubscribe at any time without motivation and free of charge. You can do this by contacting us via our general contact details or by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the promotional mailings or digital newsletters.

With this policy we try to offer you clarity and transparency. If you still have questions about the way we handle your personal data, you can contact us: Jan Loobuyck – info@pigeonsloobuyck.be – 0473/60.38.55.

5. Management of your data

Your personal data are collected and managed by Pigeons Loobuyck, Ommegangstraat 65, 9881 Bellem. Within Pigeons Loobuyck, the data is only accessible to responsible persons who need access to it in function of their tasks. Your data can also be collected and processed by our processors. These are the companies that, in our assignment, host our databases and websites. They only have access to the personal data that are strictly necessary for the performance of their duties. You can get an overview of these processors on request.

6. Transfer to third parties

At no time do we sell or rent your data to external organizations, companies or individuals. We regard your data as confidential information.

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