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Here you can find and read the latest news items about what is happening on the lofts in Aalter

22 Dec 2020 2nd and 4th IntNat Agen

25/07/2020. This day will go into the history books on the loft of Jos & Jan Loobuyck in Aalter. The pigeons had to come from Agen which is more or less 820km away from the lofts in Aalter. The first pigeon arrived at 18:23. By their calculations... Read more

22 Nov 2020 1st prize Souillac and Brive

On Souillac and Brive this year 2 Loobuyck pigeons were victorious in the local club ‘Fondclub Eeklo’. After the excellent results from Agen, one week later ‘Matchbox’ won the race from Souillac, resulting in a ... Read more

24 Jun 2020 Good start of season 2020

After a difficult start of the pigeon racing season due to the worldwide pandemic COVID19, the 20th of June the pigeons on the Loobuyck loft flew from Vierzon (440km) following results. 198 birds: 2, 6, 11, 15, 16, 27 ,… (16/24) Read more

05 Jan 2019 29th National Libourne August Mouton

The BE16-4119861,  a 100% Loobuyck  pigeon, finished on the 26th place national out of Libourne. The ‘861’ is a descendant of the lines of the national winner out of Perigueux. His father is a brother of our ‘Bordeaux’.... Read more

26 Dec 2018 Photos from topbirds season 2018

Recently the birds who performed very well during the last season, along with some new pigeons on the breeding loft, were photographed. Elias and Jeff, respectively 1st provincial winners out of Brive and Limoges Florian and Onix, respectively... Read more
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