02 Nov 2017 Championship Meetjesland 2017

Recently the championship Meetjesland results were published. In the championship with points Loobuyck Jos&Jan finished on the 2nd place with the maximum of 8 pts. Our flyer ‘Rudi’ managed to take the 5th place in the Ace-pigeon... Read more

15 Jul 2017 1st national Jarnac

At 15h38m41s a blue pigeon came in like a bullet out of Jarnac (653km). After some nervous hours it was clear that for the second year in a row a 1st national victory was won on the lofts in Aalter. Read more

03 May 2017 1st prize Cahors

The ‘Rudi’  (4198003-14) brought the victory out of Cahors home. Roughly 10 hours and 30min after the birds were released in Cahors the ‘Rudi’ fell out of the sky. Eventually he managed to win the 3rd provincial,... Read more
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