Loobuyck Jos & Jan

In the village of Aalter the family Loobuyck is racing pigeons for many years now.

Their specialty reaches from middle long distance to long distance

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The Loobuyck pigeon dynasty featured a lot of good pigeons of which some are now in the breeding loft

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The family Loobuyck obtained already different victories and results.

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Take a look at the pictures taken on the loft of Loobuyck Jos & Jan


Pigeons Loobuyck

In 2016 Jos & Jan won the 1st national out of Montauban and the 1st ace-pigeon long distance KBDB.

In 2017 another 1st national was added to the list out of Jarnac.

Results over the years

1st national Ace-Pigeon Fond KBDB 2016

1st national Jarnac

1st national Montauban

1st national Perigueux

1st national Bordeaux*

2nd international Marseille

2nd international Agen

2nd national Marseille

2nd national Bourges

2nd national Agen

3th national Montauban

3th national Sint-Vincent

4th international Agen

4th national Tulle

4th national Limoges

4th national Agen

5th national Montauban

5th national Limoges

6th national Tarbes

7th national Limoges

7th national Narbonne

7th national Souillac

9th national Argenton

10th international Sint-Vincent


Latest news

17 Dec 2022 Best LD Pigeon over 2 races in 2022

Our pigeon Zulu classified as the number one Ace Pigeon Long distance on 2 national races in 2022. After winning the 1st provincial prize from Tulle (and the 7th national), he also managed to win the 5th national from Brive. Read more
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